About Rwanda

About RwandaRwanda is known as the Land of a thousand hills. Rwanda has five volcanoes ,twenty three lakes and numerous rivers ,some forming the source of the Nile River . the country lies 75 miles south of the Equator in the Tropic of Capricorn 880 miles west of the Indian Ocean and 1250 miles east of the Atlantic Ocean literally in the heart of Africa. Rwanda with a land area of 26,338 km2 ,is bordered by Uganda to the North ,Tanzania to the East ,Burundi to the south ,and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west.

Rwanda is one of the most fascinating safari destinations in Africa .despite being a small and landlocked country in Equatorial Africa ,Rwanda has a number of unique wonders to offer to all adventure seekers in the world planning safaris to Africa. Rwanda is home to the world’s endangered mountain gorillas that live in the volcanoes national Park. Strategically lying in the virunga conservation area where Dian fossey started Karisoke research center for conserving and studying the behavior of mountain Gorillas ,Volcanoes National park is one of the four national parks in Africa where mountain gorilla trekking can be carried out effectively . the park with other two national parks namely Mgahinga in Uganda ,virunga national park in Congo boasts of an estimated total number of 480 mountain gorillas representing more than half of the total number of mountain gorillas protected in the wild.

Rwanda’s Nyungwe forest is another undisputed safari destination in this small but highly gifted country.it is one of the largest montane and loveliest forests left in the whole of central Africa. It is a safe destination for visitors on Rwanda chimpanzee safaris and those interested in the primate walk experience . The park is famous for its highest density of habituated chimpanzees and rich variety of orchids that can be seen by visitors who participate on a nature walks within this tropical rain forest.

Rwanda is also popular for game viewing safari tours in Africa .Rwandas Akagera National Park is a big game park in continent with herds of elephant and buffaloes that emerge from the diverse vegetation
Types ranging from swamps ,lakes woodland and savanna . visitors on wildlife safaris to Rwanda’s Akagera national park may also come across other unique wildlife like a leopard ,spotted hyena or even a stray lion,Giraffes ,zebras among others . join us on our Rwanda wildlife safaris through Akagera national park in the country is worthy to visit . on a game viewing tour through this park, there are high chances of encountering the unique wild game that cannot be encountered somewhere else.


Gorilla tour in Rwanda gives one a golden chance to visit the best place to track and see mountain gorillas in Africa.a safari to Rwanda coupled with the search for the beautiful mountain gorillas gives one a lifetime memory giving adventure . Rwanda’s mountain gorillas are found in the volcanoes national park and where habituated by the American researcher Diana Fossey for along time till her death. Besides seeing the mountain gorillas in this national park ,golden monkey trekking can also be arranged and one can also hike the volcanoes in this national park like bisoke(3711) .

Besides Gorilla trekking one is also visit various national wildlife parks for wildlife viewing such as the Akagera National Park ,tour the genocide memorial stadiums as well as the various cultural museums .we offer several Gorilla tours in Rwanda ranging from short gorilla safari excursions to medium and long gorilla safari adventures in Rwanda. To trek gorillas in Rwanda one needs a Rwanda gorilla permit to watch the gorillas in one of the Rwanda groups .we always formulate new exciting gorilla expeditions in Rwanda alongside several African wildlife , eco tourism ,culture and community tours ,nature walks not to mention historical tours.

Rwanda safaris featuring Gorilla tracking are highlighted by highly trained trained ,caring, enthusiastic ,dedicated but also highly informed safari guides that are any time ready to take you to various spectacular wildlife parks and reserves in Rwanda abroad our clean customed safari vehicles.

N.B please note that Gorilla tracking permits in Rwanda are on high demand and get sold quickly .we advise you book your gorilla safari to Rwanda early enough(usually three months in advance ) to avoid disappointments of missing out on permits as you can’t go trekking gorillas in Rwanda without these permits. The gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $ USD 1500 per person.