The july –August season 2017 has turned out to be a rhino baby boom for Uganda after yet another baby rhino was born at the Nakasongola  –based zziwa rhino sanctuary on Saturday .the Saturday morning birth  ,which brings the number of the highly endangered rhinos in the country to 21 ,comes a few weeks after the birth of the 20th one last month .in the month of july 2017 a male baby rhino was born at the same sanctuary .

Angle Genade the Executive director of Rhino Fund Uganda  ,the NGO  that runs the Zziwz Rhino Fund ,said new calf was born to Laloyo a five year and a half old female and Moja ,a 17 year old male .Genade said the latest birth which is Laloyo’s first calf ,was the 16th to be born at the sanctuary since it was opened in 2004. Rhino Fund Uganda which has been running the 7000 hectare since 2004 aims at re- introducing the highly endangered Rhinos into the Ugandan National parks through a breed and release programme

Initially six breeding rhinos were brought in from the US and Kenya . An excited Genade noted that the number of rhinos at the sanctuary had in a period of  only thirteen years increased to 23 from the original six that were imported into the country in 2004/2005 . She said the shorter the inter calve interval was due to the safe environment and excellent grazing throughout the year .

Rhinos had become extinct in Uganda as a result of poaching and wars .many of them were killed both for meat and their horns .

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