1 day Mabira Forest Safari

This 1 day Mabira Forest Safari, takes you Mabira forest Reserve which is located approximately 56 km East of Uganda’s capital city on the main Kampala-jinja highway in the district of Buikwe. The mabira forest lies on an area of about 300 square km of land and was gazette as a forest reserve in 1932 and is still home to many forest inhabitants like many primates. the forest center is on the edge of najjemba village approximately 500 m north of the main road. coming from Kampala there is a sign posted to your left just before you reach the road side market at Najjembe.
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Mabira Forest

The site is accessible by public transport. from Kampala take a taxi from the old taxi park heading towards jinja and get off Najjembe market. the journey takes about one hour and costs 7000 Uganda shillings. from jinja take a taxi from the taxi park heading towards Lugazi or Kampala get off just past Najjembe market, the forest center is on the road to your right.

The mabira is a natural habitat forest and boosts more than 312 species of trees including the endangered Cordia Millenii, Millia Exclesa, the famous warbhugia ugandenesis which Mr.Kasozi the guide at the Rain forest lodge will normally take you to this famous tree which has medicinal properties and known to cure many ailments and the vulnerable diseases

Mabira forest is home to 315 species of Birds like the Nahan’s Francolin, cassin Hawk Eagle, the forest wood hoopoe, the purple throated cuckoo, tit hylia, red headed blue bill, black bellied seed cracker, the shining blue kingfisher and many more. some of these species can only be found in Mabira forest and no where else. Other unique features to be explored in the forest reserve include 218 butterfly species, 97 moths species , 23 small mammal species especially primate species of monkey clan and the spectacular Grifin falls

A huge and beautiful forest with an extensive visitors trail network. there are 10 forest trails catering for the people of all time schedules and abilities. both guided and unguided trails are available . this project was established with help from the European union. if you are not rushing to the west of Uganda or needing to get to kampala in a hurry then mabira forest is a pleasant back water and stop over to consider .


The Mabira forest visitor center

Discover more about the Mabira with a visit to the forest interpretation center, find out about the rare and wonderful creatures that inhabit the forest, learn about the importance of the trees and plants and find out what can be done to conserve our forest resources. On sale at the visitor center are craft items made by local groups, postcards, tourist maps, bird books and souvenir.

Mabira forest Picnic site and viewing platform

Enjoy a soda, snack or picnic in the tranquial picnic site surrounding the visitor center, flowering trees and good views into the forest make it an excellent place for for watching exotic sun birds and playful red tailed monkeys. The raised viewing platform elevates you into the forest canopy where you can relax in shady.