Our team


Atim SarahAtim Sarah is a lady born in Soroti Eastern Uganda and from Uganda. She grew up in Kampala where she has lived and attended both primary and secondary school and at makerere university. where she did a bachelors degree in Arts  and majored in German language, Communication skills and management. she can speak German language very well because she learnt it in secondary school and at the University. She has worked as a guide for many years, specializing in German tourists, she has also lived in German and Netherlands for some time and this increased her knowledge of the German language.

She is very passionate about tourism and in particular guiding German clients, responsible person, committed to her work and very professional, very friendly and jolly, and cheerful when it comes to handling clients she is very good at it. She knows all about her country, The beautiful tourist spots that the clients enjoy she knows the best quality lodges and Hotels. The purpose for establishing this company was to continue to reveal the beauty of East Africa to the rest of the world and to continue to empower young Ugandans to reach their full potential in life.


Lanek DenisLanek Denis is our Administrator. he did a bachelor;s degree in Arts and specialized in Research and proposal writing at Makerere University plus German Language. he is engaged to Atim Sarah. his duties are to plan and arrange safaris, holidays and travel products. He also assigns and supervises work. Apart from working as a C.E.O he is also passionate about tourism and he has very good driving and guiding skills.