Exceptional Uganda Safaris  is a local ,Christian founded Tour and Travel Company that specializes in offering tailor made safaris  and designing unforgettable and Adventurous   Tours in Uganda and Rwanda. we offer excellent, quality ,affordable deluxe and Luxury Tours to Uganda and Rwanda employing experienced English and German speaking Guides that love their country .we offer gorilla safaris ,chimpanzee tracking, Mountain  climbing, Eco tourism, bird watching, wildlife safaris , Boat Tours , white water rafting adventures , honeymoon tours, Flyin tours ,camping and cultural Tourism. We are a registerd and Licenced Company in Kampala.

Uganda is ours. We want it to be yours too. Whether you are on a Ugandan Tour or looking to track gorillas .Let Exceptional Uganda Safaris   take you deep into the heart of Uganda and Rwanda .It’s a magical country waiting to share with you its best secrets and its best adventures.

We are Ugandans, we know Uganda and we know what makes a successful Ugandan Safari `Not just the sights but the Cultures and the people. As your friend Exceptional Uganda Safaris will take you there, fulfilling your wishes and realizing your dreams, from the moment you make your first Inquiry, until the moment you say farewell. You will feel the warm welcome we want to extend to you.

Like a good friend, we will be with you at every step, will help you plan your safari to Uganda and Rwanda, will advise you long before the adventure even Begins and during your stay our Guides will take the best care of you. we believe they are the Best in business ,important as you will be spending time with them .they will be your eyes ,your ears ,taking you to places that no one else can discover .making your safari in Uganda and Rwanda unforgettable.

We love Uganda and we think you will love it too, take a small piece away with you   , in your photos and your memories. Arrive as a guest and leave as a friend, and like friends once you have visited we want you to return. At Exceptional Uganda Safaris, we shall be waiting for you with another warm welcome.  And with more Adventures to share. Like Uganda   Breathe Uganda, love Uganda with Exceptional Uganda Safaris  as your friend.

We work with  Association of Tour operators and other International Tourism organisations.  We work hand in hand with local , social  Tourism Organisations  like Uganda Guides and Tour Association ,Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda wildlife Authority.


Basic, comfort and premium

  1. Basic /BUDGET

With this category we simply recognize that travelers to Uganda and Rwanda have different budgets. Not everyone needs luxury accommodation on safari.so for the budget conscious .we keep things simple .travellers on this budget   , basic trips will enjoy the same wildlife adventures but the accommodation provided might be at public   ,rather than private campsites.  Rest assured we choose the best in the category .Bathroom facilities are shared with fellow traveler camps.

They travel together in our own vehicles with our own driver guides.


This category uses small lodges and tented camps. providing our Travellers with an excellent ratio between quality and price .Accomodation always comes with private bathrooms.  we simply hand pack the lodges and tents to provide you with the real value that you expect and the high standards that you deserve.


For those who want the best with quality being more important than price .If you are seeking that little bit of accommodation .we at  Exceptional Uganda Safaris can provide it.