About Uganda


About UgandaUganda is a landlocked country that is located in East Africa and is borded by south Sudan in   the North , Democratic Republic of Congo in  the west, Republic of Kenya in  the East and in the south  by the Republic of Tanzania and the republic of   Rwanda.

Sitting along the Equator between longitudes 29 East.  And East and between latitudes 4 north and south  at an average altitude of 1100 meters above sea level . Uganda experiences a tropical climate with two dry seasons which according to tour operators are the best times to visit.  it is during this period that people from different parts of the world flock into the country for a lifetime experience full of enjoyment and pleasure .

One of the leading activities during this season is gorilla tracking which attracts visitors all over the world A gorilla   tracking experience is very unique compared to that of other countries with Uganda having the largest number of primates .it receives 56% of gorilla trackers and the remaining portion visit Rwanda and congo  where the gorillas can be found .

A trip to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Park guarantee a visitor a chance to meet those elegant apes in their natural habitat .you might be wondering why Gorilla tracking is more successful during the dry season but the answer is that during this period that the National parks are accessible with less mud .The primates can also be seen easily during the dry season as they freely roam about the whole park in search of food and water. Other  primates include chimpanzees different kinds of monkeys,  and more.

With over 300   mammal species in the  country , many visitors are attracted to come and look at them in their natural home which is Kibale national park in the western part of the country .A game drive in some of the country’s National Parks is a lifetime experience which guarantees you a chance to see numerous wild animals like lions, leopards, Elephants, buffalos ,giraffes and many more.

These animals are easily   seen during the dry season as they converge around water points to sip some for cooling their bodies.it is a wonderful experience to view some herbivorous wild animals grazing in the magnificent green plains.

Culture is another attraction that his country boosts, with over 40 ethnic groups .there is no doubt that Uganda is one of the leading cultural destinations in Africa .Each ethnic group has its own way of living ,portrays different life styles of a true African man .if you have never seen a family survive on nature and sleep in the grass thatched houses .then Uganda is the best place to visit .A cultural safari to Uganda is one of its kind because of its diversity of cultural experiences availed by the many tribes.

Uganda has a population of 35million inhabitants  .The capital is Kampala 2.5million and Entebbe with its International airport as well as the larger cities are located in the southern Lake shore region of Lake Victoria .The official language is English .80% of the people are Christian largely catholic and Anglican.

The people of Uganda are noted for their friendly and welcoming attitude and the cities are said to be safe even at night.

There are 60 protected Areas in Uganda including National Parks where you can observe about 300 species of mammals and over 1000 species of birds .including many of the popular animals we associate with African Lions.

East African savana in the African Great lakes including a large portion of Lake Victoria.it has a tropical climate with plentiful rainfall and fertile land .The snowcapped Rwenzori mountains in the western part of the country are considered by some to be the source of the Nile.

Uganda is made up of four regions (southern, Eastern, Northern and Western)in an area of 241,580 sq km, with its capital Kampala.

The country is fortunate to host lake Victoria,the second largest lake in the world with over 68,000 sq kilometres, forming the  source of the river Nile the longest river in the world.it flows from lake Victoria in the northern direction through lake kyoga then continues flowing in the north through lake albert and flows further through sudan,  Egypt towards the meditarrean sea .the distance from lake Victoria up to the sea is calculated to be 6500kilometres  that makes it to be the longest River in the world.

Winston Churchill became quite enthuised about what he found in Uganda that he wrote.”for magnificence, variety of form and colour for profusion of brilliant life ,birds ,insects, beast for vast scale, Uganda is the pearl of Africa.”

‘’My journey is at an end ,the tale has been told. the reader who has followed so faithfully and so far has a right to ask what message I bring back.it can be stated in three words concentrate upon Uganda ‘’.winston Churchill 1908.

My counsel plainly is concentrate upon Uganda .No where else in Africa will little money go so far .No where else will results be more  brilliant ,more substancial or more rapidly realized .

Uganda is from end to end a beautiful garden where stable food of the people grows without labour .Does it not sound like a paradise on earth,it is the pearl of Africa .from my African journey.winston Churchill 1908.

In 1858 john Hannington speke and Richard burton ventured through Uganda and were amazed by what they saw and found.it was John Hannington speke who discovered the source of the river Nile were impressed by how wide and open the streets were of the capital of the Buganda kingdom and were amazed by the local culture and ways of the people.

Uganda is a very safe country to visit .Although Uganda has lived through a turbulent history of wars and insecurity .the country is safe , stable and welcoming .

Uganda’s hospitable nature is legendary you will be warmly  welcomed where you by the friendly smiles from the country’s residents .the most popular National Parks are situated in the west and south western part of the country and are safe to visit.

The boarder area with Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo remains stable and all national parks and wildlife reserves are also well protected by the wildlife Authority Rangers .Tourism is hugely important to Uganda’s Economy and a tourism police Force has been created to protect  visitors .

Exceptional Uganda Safaris  has some information and tips for you to enjoy your holiday in Uganda.This is information about general safari tips and gorilla tracking tips,climate of Uganda,culture, Uganda national parks plus hotel and lodges in each national park, hotels in Kampala and Entebbe plus frequently asked questions and their answers .


Visiting the pearl of Africa is no doubt an exciting safari waiting to happen, this is your chance to see the entire Africa crammed in a country so rich and a people so friendly. It is however wise totake some travel tips with you to ensure an enjoyable voyage.


Pack some comfy clothing that is not too tight as Uganda is in the tropics and the weather is generally hot and humid. Stay away from blues as they tend to attract tsetse flies especially when you are out on a boat ride or game drive .

It is pretty sensible to park long sleeved shirts as they protect you from severe sun burn and insect bites. Some parts of Uganda can be really cold like in bwindi ,it is smart to pack some light jackets or sweaters but avoid camouflage because in Uganda it can get you arrested  .  one more essential  thing  to wear is a backpack to carry all your valuables and snacks you need.


Good binoculars and a good camera with a great telephoto lens can cause for a spectacular holiday.carrying with you a professional type of camera enhances your experience of watching the pride of lions in the savannah and can be a greater experience for bird watchers.it is also advisable to carry a camera with a good memory size , nothing ruins a great photo moment like a signal on your camera going No memory’’ but most importantly do not be so forcused on taking pictures to totally miss the safari.


The voltage in Uganda is 240 volts, so you need a plug made in UK .alternatively you can use a converter plug that you can manually fit .what would be even better is a laptop surge protector. Fluctuations in electrical service are common in Uganda known as blackouts .

When power returns  , it can come back in a rush ,rising significantly above standard household voltage levels to burn wires ,overwhelm circuits and potentially cause damage to laptops . a surge protector diverts the extra voltage from a power surge to a ground wire , sparing harm to any connected electrical devices.


In case you are taking medication   ,bring it with you and also do not forget to carry with you or to take your malaria regiment. You will also need insect repellant especially inareas with tsetse flies , you can also buy it online or some outdoor special shops . I would also advice that you carry some antibiotics and Imodium just incase , you do not want to miss your safari lying in the hotel room, however , consult your doctor or your local clinic about antibiotics and Imodium before taking any.


When travelling , it is much better to have an unlocked  international Quad cell phone . on arrival you will need to purchase a sim card  as the telecommunication companies use sim cards  you will have to register that sim card with a passport size photo and ID and registration is free.


It is cost effective to bring a friend or friends .solo safaris cost higher while if you traveled with a friend expenses can be shared as well as experiences and laughter.